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WELCOME TO Signature Ecom Solutions

Your Ecommerce Partner for Growth and Profit.

Signature Ecom Solutions, Owned by Rishi Kandari, based in Haldwani, UTTARAKHAND is known for the world class services for E-commerce sellers for the last 5 years. We have worked with 5000+ sellers PAN India till date across 3 marketplaces – FLIPKART AMAZON & MEESHO.

Rishi Kandari, the ex-Flipkart manager is the founder and CEO of Signature Ecom Solutions, established in the year 2019 in Haldwani Uttarakhand. He is an author of the book “Ecommerce Brand Building” and an ecommerce educator. His expertise is in Flipkart, Amazon & Meesho selling.

We educate sellers through YouTube & instagram with a channel named RISHI ECOMMERCE which has more than 10M views across platforms. Also, we have more than 500 clients across INDIA whose seller account has been managed by our team of experts.


Background of owner:

Rishi was born in the year 1995 in a remote village of Almora district of Uttarakhand. After completing his graduation in Biotechnology from Dehradun he tried his hand in many startups but got disappointed. His interest in ecommerce and online business led him to get selected as an operation manager in the Flipkart Company, where he gets the idea of developing a business around online selling E-commerce Service Provider

Rishi says that there was a big communication gap and lack of understanding between the marketplace working and the seller’s knowledge. This Idea of educating sellers regarding ecommerce selling led him to initiate the successful ecommerce academy. Earlier the seller has to pay for  learning the ecommerce business which is now made free by us on our APP, Rishi added.

Rishi Kandari owned  Signature Ecom Solutions is the only company in India, which teaches, guides and helps in starting the ecommerce business on the open marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho Shopsy etc. with a growth of 15% monthly.

As of June 2023 the company has an employment size of 30+ staff, managing, training and helping sellers to grow on ecommerce marketplaces.




Onboarding Sellers

6 Lakh+





Special Services

Amazon Account Management

Meesho Account Management

FlipKart Account Management

Meet Our Expert Team Members.

Mr Umesh Baunthiyal

Sales Department Head

Miss Aditi Negi

Flipkart Department Head

Miss Geeta Karki

Meesho Department Head

Renu Maurya

Team leader

Mohit Singh

Amazon Department Head

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