Signature Ecom Solutions

Refund Policy

We here at signature ecom solutions are committed to generate good business for our clients ever since 2017 in the market. Being no 1 in this industry for the last 5 years we have built many brands with time by keeping patience.

Our team of dedicated and experienced account managers always try to do their best to make our client’s money worth. In this process they are advised to keep the clients updated and educate them timely so as to save their losses due to lack of knowledge. No one from our team ignores the working pattern as advised by the owner, if doing so you can complain for the same on to get the fast resolution.

We are also committed to making our clients profitable in this journey. Sometimes due to marketplace demands and other circumstances we are not able to provide the desired results in the given period of time. In the given scenario you are advised to please extend your services for free of cost till you get the desired results out of our services.

In some exceptional scenarios we also provide a partial refund to our clients after all investigations have been conducted. In such an attempt you can initiate the mail by dropping a mail on keeping in CC. You are advised to wait for at least 5-6 working days in the same case. Do remember to put all the necessary proofs over the same mail.
Before initiating this do remember that you would not be able to take any other services from us in the future in any case.

We, signature ecom solutions, not only focus on the sale generation but the profitability is our ultimate goal. If you invested your hard earned money in order to opt for our services, we make sure you never regret.

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